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York Solutions Intern Spotlight: McKinley Stovall

When I initially approached Angie Slack, expressing interest in an intern position, I was sure to note that I was “open to anything.” To my surprise, it was only a matter of minutes and a few exchanges of text messages that this wish was not only heard but also fulfilled. After this swift yet smooth onboarding, I was given the immediate opportunity to dive in completely, and I can adhere to the fact that each bit of experience I have received thus far has altogether exceeded my initial expectations.

Although my excitement to begin this journey could not be contained, it was no secret that I was also a bit skeptical and, to be entirely transparent, a bit doubtful about joining a team through a virtual format. Rather than getting to shake the hand of each person I met, I had to hope that an informal introduction through Zoom would be sufficient. Countless thoughts rooted in self-doubt had come to mind as I anticipated what was to come. What if I could not meaningfully introduce myself and build strong connections through this virtual platform? What if the inability to communicate face-to-face posed challenges for my understanding of responsibilities and ability to receive help when needed? What if I had over-committed as a full-time student and greatly struggled to balance work, life, and the end of one semester, partnered with the quick-approaching beginning of winter term?

Within that very first day, each previous concern completely faded. I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. On the Monday of Thanksgiving week, I immediately began working closely with the York team to familiarize myself with different aspects of the company and the many projects I would soon be completing. Excited, eager, and ready to continue connecting with everyone while also growing my responsibilities, I was given the opportunity—and not much choice— to completely submerge myself in the many areas that comprise York. Within my very first day, I could already sense the communal environment and family-oriented atmosphere that York so naturally encompasses and prioritizes. Absolutely everyone welcomed me with open arms, expressing willingness to answer the many questions I had. Within three days, I had been virtually introduced to at least half of the entire team, and what many would consider being “work” did not feel like such. I viewed the quick pace and constant communication with others as exciting; I truly was having so much fun.

As I enter the final few weeks of this internship, I am in awe of how quickly time is passing and am extremely thankful for the exposure to the vast array of areas that I have been given. Deepening my understanding of sales and recruiting, aiding others in managing both internal and external communications, shadowing colleagues in virtual meetings, and perhaps most importantly, developing such wonderful relationships with so many remarkable people, is something I cannot fully express as to how much I have enjoyed and appreciated. Entering this opportunity, I had no idea that such an incredibly positive and meaningful impact could be experienced during my relatively brief time with this company. I did not consider that just maybe, I would be growing personally in addition to practical. I can genuinely say that it was the people— the genuine interest in who I am and what my goals consist of— that instantly made me feel like I was now a part of something so much greater than a team. I was, and am, now a part of a family. To be a part of something so special is the most fulfilling feeling, and I owe the greatest “thank you” to every single Yorkie for contributing to this.

Written By: McKinley Stovall