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York Solutions signs three exclusive contracts valued at $15 Million

York Solutions signs three exclusive contracts valued at $15 Million

August 07, 2012

York selected for its resource acquisition model & IT professional development association

Minneapolis, MN – York Solutions, an IT consulting firm with over 20 years of experience, was recently awarded multiple exclusive, single-source IT contracts with three of the largest technology employers in Minnesota. York was chosen over numerous IT consulting firms to provide these companies with IT resources. In total, the firm will be responsible for filling more than 100 positions worth nearly $15 million.

These three companies include a non-profit agency, a company in the information technology industry, and another from the mechanical and industrial engineering sector. The positions filled for these companies will include highly sought after specialties such as Java and .Net applications, along with infrastructure and SAP.

York will provide IT resources through its creative resource acquisition model. This model combines improved forecasting with a fast-paced turn-around time in order to find the most qualified people to fill these positions.

“Our process shifts the burden of screening, interviewing, and on-boarding of candidates to York which will save the clients time and resources,” said Roy Brammer, York’s Vice President of Sales. “Managers spend their valuable time on delivering projects, resources are productive sooner, and talented individuals are locked down faster.”

Another major differentiator in the decision to choose York Solutions is its involvement in its peer- to-peer professional development association Think IT. Nearly 1000 Minnesota IT professionals are members of the independent organization that provides value in the form of best-practices articles and presentations, mentoring, and networking opportunities.


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