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3 Best Practices for Scoping an Outsourced IT Project

If your company has decided to outsource an IT project, you’ve determined that your internal team doesn’t have the time or resources to complete it, or that working with an outside partner is a more efficient or cost-effective solution. Outsourcing is the answer to many IT problems, but it comes with a common challenge: how to manage the scope of a project.

The ideal outsourced project is one you don’t have to think much about; you delegate it to a trusted partner, and you know they will execute it to your specifications. But this doesn’t mean you can hand off a half-baked project plan and expect automatic successful results. Take the time to map out a project with clear goals, timelines, and metrics before outsourcing it.

Define goals and expectations.

Outline your business goals for this project, making sure each one fits with your overall strategic vision. Why is each goal important? How will you know when each goal is met? Which deadlines are set in stone, and which are flexible? Work with your IT partner to align your expectations with realistic delivery timelines. Break the project into clear tasks and deliverables, allowing room for unforeseen delays, changes, or additions. Clarify any vague language, and get answers to your questions before the project begins.

Set transparent quality measurements.

For all deliverables, establish clear metrics for measuring quality and determining whether project requirements have been met. Be as detailed as possible to avoid any future confusion or disputes. For example, specify the response time expected to address bugs or the number of team members assigned to each component of the project.

Track performance and lessons learned.

Assign one internal team member to be the outsourced project owner throughout the duration of the project. This person should check in regularly with your service provider, tracking milestones and ensuring that the project scope is still accurate. Encourage this employee to keep an ongoing list of lessons learned that your team can review upon project completion. This list will provide you with valuable best practices for the next project you outsource.

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