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3 Common Risks for Outsourcing IT Projects – And How to Mitigate Them

Most business leaders recognize that they don’t have the capacity to manage everything in-house. You may decide that it’s more productive or cost-effective to outsource specialized tasks – such as marketing, accounting, or graphic design – than to maintain a team within your company.

IT management is another area that businesses often contract out, but decision makers sometimes have concerns about outsourcing specific IT projects. You might worry about entrusting sensitive information or important priorities to an outside provider. You also might worry that your leadership team does not have the capacity to oversee outsourced tasks. These fears are valid. It’s wise to proceed with caution and choose a partner you can rely on to protect your company and spearhead projects without constant oversight.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the common risks that occur when outsourcing IT projects and how to avoid them.

Security Threats

Protecting your company’s confidential or proprietary information is, of course, paramount. You don’t want to put your customer data or intellectual property into just any hands, so vet an IT partner thoroughly before signing a contract to work on a project. Ask questions, and pay attention to how forthright they are with answers. What other companies have they worked with? Can you speak with any current clients? What security protections do they offer? Are they willing to sign an NDA?

Lack of Expertise

If you have a vision for an IT project – how it will roll out, who will work on it, what the end results will be – it’s difficult to cede control to an outside team. However, your own company’s leadership probably does not have the time to supervise the day-to-day of an outsourced project. To ensure an IT partner has what you need to fully manage the project, outline the specific capabilities you’re looking for. What are the deliverables? What are the measures of success? What are the essential parameters – budget, timeline, objectives?

Hidden Costs

While outsourcing an IT project is designed to save your company time and money, unclear guidelines or last-minute changes can hurt your bottom line. Focusing on a specific project with a very defined scope can help you manage expectations and mitigate risks. Go over a detailed plan with the IT partner, checking in regularly to make sure you’re still on track.

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