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5 Reasons Veterans Make Great Employees

York Solutions is proud to be a veteran-owned business. We recognize the many contributions military veteran employees can make in a workplace, and we are committed to helping companies recruit and retain more veterans.

York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry program (B2E) provides comprehensive paid training to individuals who want to launch careers in IT – including veterans entering the civilian workforce after military service. The B2E program helps employers close the skills gap and promote business growth by hiring highly qualified veterans. Here are a few reasons veterans are an asset to an organization.



Veterans have experience managing, collaborating with, and reporting to people from diverse backgrounds. They know how to overcome interpersonal obstacles and leverage the strengths of individuals to accomplish a common goal. They’re able to see beyond just personal gain and focus on the collective good.



In the military, service members often have to make difficult decisions under pressure and with changing circumstances. Leaders must become comfortable gathering information, evaluating a situation, and deciding on the best course of action without delay. The ability to keep a cool head and find solutions is valuable on any team.



Service members know how to carry out orders from superiors, but as they move into leadership roles, they are also responsible for using their judgment in situations where there are no clear instructions. Veterans learn to determine what needs to be done and how to take initiative on a project that is developing in real time.



Military personnel face small and large challenges throughout their careers, from training and bureaucracy to deployments and life-or-death situations. They have honed their tenacity and won’t easily quit when faced with setbacks.



Veterans are used to getting things done with the resources they have available. They are adept at planning methodically, and then having to change those plans at a moment’s notice. This blend of strategic thinking and flexibility helps veterans drive innovation and achieve organizational goals.


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