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B2E Success Story: Dee Hampton

The York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program (B2E) helps individuals looking to re-enter the workforce by providing these individuals the tools he or she needs to be successful in a project management position. Through professional development and training, B2E students receive comprehensive training from an IT executive, and multiple opportunities to advance in his or her career.

Recently, we heard from one of our very first graduates, Dee, who just celebrated her one-year graduation anniversary.

Before B2E, Dee was working full time as a senior staffing specialist where she wore multiple hats by matching people to jobs, assisted with payroll, and provided exceptional customer service to the staff. In addition to her full-time position, she also worked part-time teaching young adults necessary life skills like how to become financially independent, apply for a job and succeed in the community.

For Dee, something was missing, though. When she first heard of the B2E program, she was intrigued by the opportunity of a new, exciting and challenging career as well as by the prospect of having a career that would provide more longevity and financial security for her family.

Over several weeks, Dee learned from Silvia Hinton the project management skills that would make her successful as an IT consultant.

Upon graduation, Dee landed a job as a PM Analyst with a York Solutions’ client where she facilitates monthly agile overview training, teaches basic agile and scrum foundational skills, and coordinates with the team. Because of her dedication, the company asked Dee to extend her contract with them and stay on for another year.

“The Barriers to Entry program not only provided me with the skills I need for a new career but taught me quite a bit about myself,” says Dee. “I learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to, stronger than I imagined and grateful for the renewed sense of passion the program provided me.”

Dee feels incredibly optimistic about her future. She is excited to continue to support her teams, pursue more education, and even sees herself working internationally one day.

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