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Barriers to Entry Spotlight: Carrie Ann, CXT Scrum Master and Change Lead Analyst

York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program (B2E) is a returnship that offers robust paid training to people re-entering to the workforce.  The program helps them launch careers in high-demand sectors of the IT industry. B2E is a win-win: companies gain access to a diverse source of IT talent, and the B2E participants have an opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

Recently, Carrie Ann, shared her experience with the B2E program. Prior to the B2E program, Carrie Ann worked in hospitality, design & fine arts, and community outreach for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Carrie Ann told us, “I was attracted to the opportunity it provided as I felt my relevant workplace experience was stale after 10 years of focusing on my family.” Upon completion of the B2E program, Carrie Ann was placed in a contract at Xcel Energy. Carrie Ann converted to a full-time employee and is currently an Enterprise Change Lead for Technology in Customer Experience Transformation Program at Xcel Energy.

“B2E allowed me the opportunity to work for a Fortune 250 company. This is an opportunity I can’t imagine I could’ve managed on my own. The broad training in technology and Agile helped prepare me for transitioning into the corporate workplace. (Xcel Energy is my first corporate job!). The Agile training and other technology tool training was imperative as well as the panelist discussions and networking events. I think a rich diversity of experiences is always an asset as it’ll offer fresh perspectives. This allows companies to shape strategies that are both diverse and inclusive and even disruptive! “