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Barriers to Entry Spotlight: James Allen, Scrum Master at TCF Bank

York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program (B2E) is a returnship that offers robust paid training to people re-entering to the workforce. B2E is a win-win: companies gain access to a diverse source of IT talent, and the B2E participants have an opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

Recently we asked James Allen to share his thoughts and experience with the B2E program and York Solutions: James Allen spent 15 years in the fashion and retail industry where he gained experience in sales and management.  This background gave him a solid foundation of transferable skills which helped him to transition into the IT field.  James has successfully leveraged his background as well as the training and support from York Solutions to move into a new career as a Scrum Master. James told us “The training with York, the work placement opportunities, continued support, and guidance provided me with a career. And, not only a career but a great deal of accomplishment with the work that I am doing and my contribution to the IT industry.”

Potential employers should consider a statement from the Scrum Manifesto, James says, “there is a value of Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. While there is value in the things on the right, we just value the thing on the left more. When you put a value on people you can really see their potential come to life and with that vibrancy of life, it can ignite drive and success. York lives by this manifesto and has put a value on people and in turn, created many success stories and life-altering experiences.”

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