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How Do You Remain Relevant in the IT Market?

October 13, 2015

Savvy IT consultants and tech professionals understand that staying current in industry trends, IT certifications, and enriching your professional network are important ways to stay in-demand as an IT professional. How are you keeping up with the marketplace as an IT consultant? We have highlighted a few points below to give you a jump start.

Anyone Can Consult

Or can they? What separates a good consultant from a great one is passion. Defining your “why” in the industry is integral to your personal brand and getting ahead in the marketplace. Passionate, driven, and highly motivated consultants exude a contagious desire for success; and developing your purpose boosts your drive to make a difference. Sure, anyone can consult; but, are you confident and knowledgeable about your industry? Having the strong technical skills is a benefit, but the demand for soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, strong work ethic, adaptability) sets the bar higher, and many organizations are seeking these two in conjunction.

Keep Learning and Continue Growing

“Experience is a good start, but does the consultant have any industry certifications or accreditations?” published an article, What to Look for When Hiring an IT Consultant, which revealed eight tips from IT executives and consultants, and also top questions clients are asking before hiring an IT consultant.

Do you keep up with the latest industry trends, security platforms, and what is predicted to change in the coming years? What better way to add value to your education and experience than obtaining IT certifications or taking classes to distinguish yourself from other talent in a competitive industry. Check out our IT certification page to view blogs covering various IT certifications that are in-demand.

Develop Your Professional Network

Having passion, charisma, and education definitely boosts your relevance in the marketplace, but what about your professional network? Are you surrounding yourself with people who contribute to your professional and personal growth? By growing and enriching professional relationships with other IT consultants, IT leaders, and professionals in other industries, you will enhance your marketability and create connections that could lead to new opportunities.

According to Nepal Patel, CEO and founding principal at CIO Synergy, memberships of professional organizations are another indication of ongoing professional development and commitment to your industry. The role of an IT consultant can be challenging, and what better way to discuss industry trends, challenges, and collaborate on finding best practices than with those within your professional network and even a mentor.  

How do you stay in-demand in the marketplace?

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Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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