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Inside Look Into York Solutions: Culture & Core Values

It boils down to two things: culture and core values. The culture of York Solutions is strong for a reason. It is founded on key principles that are reflected within the workplace: building trust and growing relationships. These key principles are fostered through York’s four core values: Character, Accountability, Respect, and Linking Arms.

The first? Character. Chief Executive Officer, Richard Walker, notes that this is doing good deeds because it is the right thing to do and refraining from seeking recognition when doing just that. York’s core value of Accountability involves raising your hand when you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you own them and learn from them that matters. “We treat everyone the same whether you just started in your career … this is not complicated,” Walker states when acknowledging York’s “Respect” core value. And finally, the principle of “Linking Arms,” surrounds the concept of power within teamwork. This has especially been demonstrated by the York family within the past year of the pandemic. “You learn a great deal about people when the pressure is on – just as in the pandemic – and we simultaneously learned everything we needed to know about York. This was not a surprise to me due to the people we have.”

Walker continues, “We came out so strong on the other side and GREW in the pandemic to reach an all-time high of business.” He ventures to explain that this was a direct result of every team member linking arms to not only work with but to work for, each other. A company-wide expectation to consider, “What can we do to help others’ days be better, and what can we do to help others be more successful?” truly reinforces York’s mission to help everyone whose path crosses York. This consistent practice of helping others and demonstrating these core values is what Walker believes sets York apart from others within the industry. “Our business model is unique in that we work very closely together. Everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential based on their skills and are fully supported by those around them. People typically have no idea of what they are capable of until they are given the opportunity. We help people spot, realize, and maximize on their own talents.”

Additionally, there is particular emphasis on the idea of doing well versus doing good. So, what is the difference between these phrases that are often used interchangeably? Providing valuable service that is impactful through innovative and disruptive modes of doing business is how York does well. “We are truly a strategic partner in information technology and acquisition. Many of our clients have considered us to be ‘experts,’” says Walker. “As a true strategic partner to our clients – and through our mission – we have gotten the right people in the right seats to aid our clients.”

The second piece to the puzzle? Doing good for our clients and our communities. Doing good relates to “providing excellent services and investing time in people,” and this includes York’s training programs: Think IT and B2E. York’s extensive work with the non-profit organization, Genesys Works, is also a great example of this notion of “doing good.” Between helping IT professionals in the community and working closely with underserved community groups, York is discovering exceptional talent often overlooked while further living out its mission statement.

Between its culture and unmatched services, it is undeniable that York offers an exceptional environment for its team members. Team members understand that working at York is more than just a job; it is truly caring about what we do, caring for our consultants and clients, and looking after each team member, while maximizing your own skillsets. Walker puts it this way: “Individuals with a high sense of urgency and consultative approach – who know how to ask the right questions – can help others determine what they truly want themselves.” This is the ultimate goal, and this is the type of person who will thrive at York. If you believe that you are this person, we will ensure that you are where you want to be. “We do everything possible to meet people’s skills with their job desires,” says Walker. With a special focus placed on our culture, our core values, and our partnerships, York is living its mission and positively impacting the lives of numerous individuals.

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Written By: McKinley Stovall (Intern)