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IT Leadership Recap: Service Delivery

Service delivery can be a challenge for many IT organizations. Last Friday, we had a chance to discuss some of the challenge’s IT leaders are faced with on a day to day basis.  Thank you to Dan Gerding – IT Service Delivery Manager, Cadence Ayres – IT Analyst, Service Delivery, and Jeffrey Schmidt – IT Analyst, Service Delivery at CHS for leading an in-depth discussion on the topic: Service Delivery: Managing Your Companies Managed Service Providers. Also, a huge thank you to CHS for hosting.   

CHS’s IT service delivery team have key accountabilities including ensuring CHS is achieving expected value and benefits from Managed Services, assuring service delivery commitments are maintained and continuously improved, lead the deployment and evolution of the managed service model, and monitor Service Providers performance SLAs and customer satisfaction.

Below are the questions that were proposed and what was discussed:   

How do you drive/improve the adoption of the Managed Services model – across both business and IT?  

The group emphasized that the most significant way to improve the adoption of the Managed Service model was to set expectations across all areas of the organization. You need the business to buy into the model just as much as IT is. It is also crucial to get down to the end user level and to make sure all part of the business understands at that level. Having an open dialog and maintaining relations through the adoption of a Managed Service model is critical for success. Also, preparing your organization for change management including organizational, digital, and physical will make for a smooth transition as well.   

 How do you drive continuous improvement when the provider is meeting SLA’s?  

Everything starts with finding the why. As Simon Sinek preaches repeatedly, you have to find the why behind everything that you do. Once you have the why, it will be easier for others to catch on, as they now have a purpose for what they are working towards. Bringing innovative ideas to the table is also a great way to drive continuous improvement. Another suggestion our audience mentioned was hiring, and engagement manager who can help things run smoothly.   

Thank you to everyone who attended this meeting. We hope you had the opportunity to network and meeting someone new!  To learn more about York Solutions and our Managed Service Solution, click here. Have a safe and happy holiday season!