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Scrum Master: A Key Player for Project Management

Organizations operating in our digital age must be able to react, adapt, and evolve in a rapidly changing environment. Many, from small startups to large multinational companies, are embracing a more agile environment to help them address multi-faceted challenges.

Scrum is a simple but powerful framework that allows teams to work collaboratively and efficiently on software development and other complex projects. Scrum uses short iterations (sprints) and short daily meetings (scrums) to deliver quickly, track progress in real time, make continuous improvements, and adapt to new technologies or conditions.

The scrum team is composed of: a scrum master, a product owner, and the development team. The scrum master is crucial to the success of a project, leading the agile development process and facilitating communication among team members and other stakeholders. But competition for skilled scrum masters is high, and it can be a difficult role for companies to fill.

LinkedIn named scrum master on its 2019 Most Promising Jobs list, and Glassdoor included the role on its Highest Paying Jobs in America list. What is interesting is that 78% of respondents have less than five years of experience and 35% less than two, according to the 2019 Scrum Master Trends report, from and Age of Product.

Because tech is constantly changing, scrum masters need a combination of formal training and adaptive skills to meet organizational needs. What students learn in undergraduate or graduate programs in 2019 could out of date in a year or two, so successful scrum masters have to be committed to continuous learning, keeping up with best practices and current technologies.

Companies that are struggling to hire scrum masters in a competitive field can benefit by widening their talent pool to participants in a comprehensive tech training program like York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry program. B2E provides intensive training to diverse, highly skilled candidates to prepare them for careers in IT and tech. Many B2E graduates have gone on to earn their scrum master certification and prove to be valuable additions to their new employers.

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