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The ROI of Returnship Programs

It is no small task to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence. Even for people who have strong skills and years of professional experience, like veterans leaving military service, stay-at-home parents going back to work, and people switching career paths, it can be challenging to get a foot in the door.

Because they don’t neatly check all of the boxes in a job application, these hardworking and talented individuals are often overlooked – which creates missed opportunities for them and the hiring organizations.

Returnship programs, like York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry (B2E) program, aim to bridge the gap between employers and underrepresented talent. B2E provides paid training and coaching to program participants, helping them learn new technologies, sharpen their skills, and develop the tools they need to start an in-demand career in the IT industry.

“These are talented folks from a variety of backgrounds,” said Silvia Hinton, VP of the Barriers to Entry program. “They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, and they’re able to apply them in new ways and new roles. They are hardworking, resilient, and tenacious – willing to dig in and figure it out. Organizations see their value very quickly.”

What is the ROI?

The ROI of returnship programs is multifaceted. Companies benefit by gaining:

  • Access to a new pipeline of talent

Many B2E participants have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have graduate degrees as well. Some have tech experience, and all have diverse skills to bring to the table, including a fresh perspective and professional maturity.

“In tech jobs, the unemployment rate is low,” Hinton said. “The program gives employers access to really talented people from diverse backgrounds. Diversity means a lot of things, whether it’s diversity in ethnic background or gender or work experience, or it’s diversity in thought and style. They’re all beneficial to an organization.”

  • People with the aptitude and attitude for success

There is no one profile for a successful B2E program participant. But all participants are quick learners and hard workers, ready and excited to get the job done.

“We look for that energy and tenacity,” Hinton said. “I’ve led tech teams for many years, and I think: Can I put this person in front of my peers? Would I bring this person into a team I was leading? They have a short runway and add value fast.”

  • Ongoing support

Organizations participating in the B2E program receive a high level of support from York Solutions every step of the way. York carefully screens, trains, places, and mentors participants to make sure the right person is in the right role.

“We take the guesswork out of the process for clients,” Hinton said. “We are thoughtful about every placement, matching the skills of the individual to the ideal position before making a recommendation. We don’t just pick a name out of a hat. And we touch base often with individuals, assigning them a coach and mentor and doing a performance review every 90 days. We work closely with clients to get the right fit.”

Learn more about the Barriers to Entry program and how it can benefit your organization.