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York Solutions Launches Blueprint, A New Talent Strategy Service

York Solutions recently launched a new service, Blueprint, that helps organizations develop a comprehensive talent strategy in order to hire and keep the best employees.

Through our work offering IT talent training, project delivery, and workforce development services to diverse organizations, we have gained insight into common HR challenges. Blueprint addresses those obstacles and helps companies gain an advantage in a competitive hiring market. There are currently 7.1 million open jobs in the U.S. but only 6.56 million available workers. This labor shortage is projected to grow to 1,162,214 by 2020 and 4,258,012 by 2030.

The Problem

Companies often focus on developing processes to hire individuals with specific skill sets, but they don’t step back to look at the big-picture strategy.

For companies to gain value from the new talent they hire, they must have a clear idea of how all employees fit into their overall vision, mission, and goals. This approach has two components. First, companies need to understand what people they need, where to find them, and how to navigate the current supply and demand in the market. Secondly, they have to determine a streamlined system for attracting, interviewing, evaluating, and retaining new employees.

“It’s extremely difficult for companies to find the internal time and resources to do both of these tasks well,” said Tom Parker, Vice President of Consulting Services. “Most struggle in at least one area. And hiring managers don’t necessarily know how to analyze historic data and current needs to build a cohesive team.”

The Solution

An effective talent strategy has four keys components:

  • Aligning key stakeholders
  • Leveraging external variables
  • Identifying the correct talent channels
  • Educating and training employees

Blueprint provides the ideal combination of each component for a particular company. It allows organizations to adjust with the changing talent market and their own talent needs.

We start by bringing together all key stakeholders, from HR, finance, IT, and other departments, for an initial discovery session. Afterward, we conduct an intense 360-degree analysis of the company’s current talent situation. Where are the talent gaps? What needs must be answered in the near future? How does the company compare to competitors in terms of reputation, compensation, and retention?

“We look at all of these factors to identify problems and opportunities,” said Parker. “We work to solve any internal disconnects and make sure the entire organization is on the same page. Then we can develop a strategy to modernize the hiring process, get rid of inefficiencies, train hiring managers, and ultimately get the right people in the right jobs. Blueprint sets companies up to save money in soft costs and generate more revenue.”

To learn more about how Blueprint can benefit your organization, click here to contact a member of the York Solutions consulting team.