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4 Reasons It’s Time to Outsource a Project

York Solutions recently launched a new service line, Project Delivery Services, to better serve clients’ evolving needs. Project Delivery Service provides companies with full-service, scalable solutions, from staffing teams with IT resources to fully executing project deliverables.

“This new service line came about because of requests from several of our key clients,” said Dan Skrbina, VP of Project Delivery Services. “Traditionally, we’ve provided teams of IT resources to clients in order to build out their organization. But eventually, clients asked us to take on more accountability and assist in the leadership and execution of the work in addition to providing resources for our clients to manage. They needed an experienced partner to take on additional responsibility to contribute to them meeting their delivery objectives.”

York Solutions offers three main kinds of support through Project Delivery Services:

  1. Managing a project with a set scope, timeline, and deliverables from start to finish
  2. Increasing the capacity of a company’s IT resources in an ongoing way, acting as an extension of the organization’s team
  3. Consulting as an experienced process SME to leverage best practices such as DevOps or Agile transformation

Is this new service line a good fit for your company? You may be ready to outsource your project if one of these four scenarios sounds familiar.

You have to increase your delivery capacity.

Your organization simply needs to produce more IT services than your current team can support. Outsourcing the project would expand your capabilities and take pressure off overburdened team members.

There’s a skill or experience gap within your team.

You could invest in building out the missing skill set – an application, technology, or process, within your existing team. But it may be a better use of resources to bring in someone who already has that expertise.

You want critical team members to focus on what they do best.

As you try to prioritize the workload within your organization, you want your critical subject matter experts to focus on strategic, business-facing projects. But you could outsource more of the tactical work to make sure all of the other initiatives in progress get the attention they deserve.

You don’t have the internal leadership to handle more work.

You have enough employees to execute your project, but you aren’t able to scale internally for management and coordination. Outsourcing the leadership role could help you reach your project goals effectively.

“The way we approach this service is different from others in this space,” said Skrbina. “First of all, we provide local experienced teams with local leadership. Many other partners use global or remote teams instead. And secondly, we make sure to work within the framework of each client. We don’t force any systems, tools, or processes on our clients. We align with what they are already using so that we really become a part of their team.”

Learn more about Project Delivery Services and how it can benefit your organization