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5 Trends for IT Outsourcing

For a growing number of organizations, outsourcing IT services and staffing is a smart strategic move. Outsourcing saves companies time and money, allowing employees to focus on their core capabilities and responsibilities, without expending resources on IT solutions.

According to a recent survey, IT is the most commonly outsourced function, with 78% of respondents currently outsourcing and 87% planning to increase their level of outsourcing. Keep an eye on these five IT outsourcing trends going forward.

  1. Cloud Technology Expansion

Moving work to the cloud is becoming the norm in business. The vast majority of organizations surveyed (93%) are considering or adopting cloud solutions. Your organization needs an IT service provider that can offer secure, seamless cloud environments that employees can access from wherever they are.

  1. Strategic Partnerships

Each organization has its own business objectives and challenges. Your company needs IT solutions that will adapt to meet your goals and solve new problems that arise. The ideal managed service provider will become a strategic partner for your organization, working collaboratively with your team to increase productivity and efficiency and achieve shared goals.

  1. Demand for IT Talent

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining highly skilled IT talent is an ongoing challenge for employers, as well as for IT service providers. A successful provider will seek creative solutions to narrow the IT talent gap and find a new pipeline of qualified candidates for your company. York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry (B2E) program offers paid training for people starting their careers in IT or people re-entering the job market, such as veterans, stay-at-home parents, and care givers.

  1. Data Security

Despite recent high-profile data breaches, companies across industries remain vulnerable to future cyberattacks. Your organization can’t afford not to invest in cybersecurity measures; breaches are damaging to both your financial security and your brand’s reputation. By partnering with a managed service provider with advanced proficiency in data management and security, you have peace of mind, knowing that your sensitive information is in good hands.

  1. Emerging Technologies

Tech trends like blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are continuing to grow, yet most organizations don’t have the internal resources to develop and support these areas of expertise. IT outsourcing will play a pivotal role in providing the human resources necessary to keep up with emerging technologies and support new opportunities.

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